about me
my name is julia and im 16 years old, i look like this and i like animals and you
this is where my faves will go
ophore asked: that person is lying through their damned teeth just to make you feel bad. it's not a reminder, it's not a truth, there's nothing that you should collect from that other than people feel intimidated enough by you that they think it's necessary to fabricate lies to put you down. you are so special, okay?

Thank you so much
All or you are being so nice

faia-tsubusa asked: I think you look very beautiful the way you are dear ^-^ <3

Thank you

Anonymous asked: woah woah woah that anon is so wrong, you're perfect just the way you are and don't ever let anyone make you doubt it! i would kill to look like you honestly, so keep your chin up and dont let the haters get you down because you are beautiful :-)

Thank you that really makes me feel better. You are kind nonnie

Anonymous asked: Your face looks fat actualt all of you looks fat, you would look better if you were skinnyer jus saying you'll thank me later

Thanks for reminding me!!!!!!

bioluminescence is the coolest thing ever